Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Challenge end...but not so...

For this summer, I set a challenge to make a game in 2 weeks, at the end of those 2 week I had a running game, "Junkcraft Armada" with around 19 modules enabled, and a single level  with was just kill all the enemies that came to you, I had only 3 kinds of enemies at that time and very simple layout with a very minimalistic UI and no sound at all and no menu, just go to action and kill some time. It was a great experience since I do want to use this to build new games in the future.

So what's next for me? well I had so much fun doing this game, and looking at the state of it at the end of the 2 weeks challenge I don't think I should leave it as it is now, it won't make justice to those 2 weeks of effort. So I decided to extend the time a little bit more, to make it a complete game, it is very fun for me to play it, but it can get boring with just 3 enemies, and no missions and progress, so in the last 2 weeks I enabled different scenarios and a few more enemies, I am thinking to add about 30 enemies to the game and bosses since it is extremelly easy for me to crate one, it takes about 5 minutes for small ships. I wanted to create random enemies by using an AI builder, but even if that tool provides interesting results it will take quite a lot of effort to make just to have some reasonable ship design, so for this version, I will create the enemies and that should bemore than enough, and maybe add the AI builder for a next version for infinite fun and challenge.

What else will I add? different missions, I have 14 types in mind now with different variations and one is finished, add more random events and more environment hazards, plus more upgrades and maybe a few more weapons, I don't want to make a big game with it but more like a rogue like game, adding variety will make it easier and enjoyable to play. So I hope to finish it in the next 2 to 3 weeks so I can return to Elem3ntz! and finish that big game.

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