Thursday, June 13, 2013

More eyecandy - page flip test

I wanted to have a page flipping animation but the effort and time spent on it in my mind was not worth it,  but I really wanted to give more eye candy. So my target was to make it in a day max, doing the texturing and animating in 3d will make sense but would have taken more than a day since I haven't written any code at this moment to import 3d animated skeletons. At the end, I did the page flip animation in 2d with the framework I developed for this game without having to use very complicated stuff, just a few hours matching the textures and animation and then importing everything through the animation pipeline, everything went smoothly in less than a day finished it but there was a small bug I didn't like. So most of the time spent the next day was to to make sure no flicker happen, I couldn't really find the issue for many hours but it happened from time to time, at the end I found that it was a synchronization issue, the game is running freely and with over 300 FPS, but when doing the updates and getting the control input it was not in sync with the animation, so it was switching the textures at different times, sometimes before the page animation started, sometimes after, so the solution was to synchronize the update and the controller input, finally no move quirks on screen.

I am happy with the results. Check the video in my youtube channel.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Character line up... animation samples

I've been working a lot lately fixing the animation loop, below you will be able to see some of the work done in the past few weeks, more to come soon.

The samples are running at half the animation framerate due to file size, but in game the animation runs at 60 FPS.

It took a little bit of time to get the cape to look as it is now, fluid enough for being just single 2d patch.

Each character is getting better and better with every week of work, as I learn how to better use my own tools. I will show more in-game animations with some play test soon.