Sunday, May 24, 2015

Party time! alcohol consumption

Nothing can be better than having a few drinks with your fellow crew members and have fun in space! well excesive consumption of alcohol can be a dangerous too...

After a long afternoon drinking my crew members passed out and are sleeping on the floor, quite bad I would say, but you can see them there with a hangover headache already

and still wake up for more beer a few hours later...

Alcohol consumption will help to improve mood for some crew members, some may not drink depending on their traits but in general a moderate consumption of alcohol is fine. Sometimes you may find alcoholic crew members and that may be a problem, having them drunk during service may be a problem if a pirate just started to attack your ship! not being able to wake up your crew at a proper time may be another problem too.

But for now, let them sleep peacefully and wake up with a headache, traveling through space with not much to do may be boring sometimes and having different things in your ship to pass the time will help. Having a good amount of alcohol stored will help too, besides food of course!

You can brew alcoholic beverages too! more to come soon.

Some crew members may be stronger than others to alcohol... let her finish her beer...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crew hygiene

No spaceship should go out in space with proper ways to clean your crew, after long work days and a lot of effort a shower will be needed to refresh your crew , or as needed.

So a new system was added into the game, hygiene. Some activities will decrease it more than others, like jogging around or doing heavy work, while others will do little to lower it.

What's the implication of not being properly clean? well if your crew is injured and have blood loss that may turn into an easy infection. Also it may cause disconfort between crew members, a smelly crew member may affect another one and the other may even refuse to be around because of the bad smell, this will cause stress between your crew members, also crew members that enjoy being clean will be highly stressed if not being able to take baths regularly.

The easy way to keep them clean is to give them enough free time during the day, so your crew will do things like joy activities, baths, eating , sleeping and other things, working is important as well as free time for them.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Farming is a new activity you can do in your ship, since trips may take many months it will be necessary to either buy a lot of packed food or grow yours in your ship, you will be able to select a vegetables to grow so your crew can fill up an empty stomach without much trouble.

Some crew members may hate the standard space ration and even get unhappy while eating that for a long period of time, so growing some vegetables may help them feel refreshed during a long trip.