Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fire without gravity

Last year, I added fires inside ship and a spread model, and recently added no gravity or microgravity into space ships, the challenge now is to figure out how fire will behave, because no one really knows what happen in space yet! I've been thinking for months what should look like in real life but I couldn't find any real study to back up my ideas, well finally NASA is going to do that test, you can read more at NASA Fire test in space, I am really excited so finally I can see more than just a small flame in space and replicate the findings in game.

So stay tunned, once the report and some images are published I will remodel fire in 0g!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

No gravity is quite an interesting topic to look mechanic in game

So far until now, all the game was modeled around having gravity always, but not anymore, I wanted to add more realism and now lack gravity also affects your ship and when visiting other places, this means a lot of changes in the game, one was the addition of inertia and acceleration inside ships that affects your crew, previously shown for objects, now it also affects crew members, but your ship may also lack gravity controls and that will affect how your crew navigate inside ships, so the next update will show up how your crew move in 0g and other items that may help your crew move inside ships better like magnetic boots.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

More forces at work!

Something that bothered me for quite long time is the fact that not many forces are factored inside space ships, in games or movies. Let's think about acceleration or rotating your ship, that do not really affect things inside, I haven't seen any single game handling this at all, so your crew should be affected by many different forces.

Well in the next few days I will add momemtum and centripetal forces, so accelerating or turning your ship will cause many things. For example if your crew is floating without gravity inside your ship and you decide to turn around very fast, your crew will hit walls and get hurt, also if you leave unsecured stuff on the floor while you accelerate or turn around your items maybe get destroyed by the impact or fly around, so storing everything properly will be very important. There won't be a magic wand that will let things stick on the floor.

Accelerate your ship very fast and things may get ugly inside, you can add as many thrusters in your ship but the faster you turn or accelerate the more cautious you will have to be with your crew and stuff inside, better keep your crew sit and your stuff stored in secure places. This is a new dynamic being added to the game.

Here is a small sample, some stuff left on the floor while accelerating my ship and rotating at the same time.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lots of updates

Development the in the last few months went pretty well, but haven't updated the blog that much, you can see what happened in the daily log to have an idea what's coming up to the game.

For now, hope you can enjoy a small comic strip about several things I have in my mind around the game, at least once a month you will see one.