Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Handling events and how complex can it be...

Lately I've been adding new events into the game, just to illustrate how events are being handled here is a screenshot.

There are quite many different options that happen on each event so there is a lot of dynamic part based on decisions you made in the past, for example this event is called when the player hails a pirate ship, there are many random parts of the event and the response and options the player will see depend on the crew, your resources, your cargo and many other factors, those will affect what the player will see when playing. So each gameplay will be different and decisions made during those events will change also future events, for example if the player decides to join the pirates guild there will be a few occasions in which that option will be available, fail to do so and the option will never be available, or if player refuse to do so the pirates will remember that and will respond accordingly.

Another example of how decisions affect your crew, for example giving up your cargo without a fight will affect your crew member's loyalty, some are really blood thirsty and won't give up without a fight till dead, some others will be fine, so you need to know your crew, and remember that if loyalty goes to low, you may face a mutiny! or something worse.

Now time to go back and write more stories and make more shaders.