Friday, February 21, 2014

Boarding extended - simple concept expanded a little bit more

Not so long ago, the concept of boarding other ships to accomplish missions in a simplified way was created, after many tests I decided to expand it more than just a simple simulation and now you can manage your crew while boarding or being boarded. To board another space ship you can try to use your airlocks or go through space, now you can use also shuttles and soon some more options.

Here is a picture of the evolution of the shuttle inside Junkcraft Armada, from just a simple drawing to a more detailed image at the end. Now besides your main ship you may decide to host shuttles like this.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Little bit or art added to the game..

Still work in progress but decided to work a little bit on sprites and some game art, this is what I was able to do today...

This may become the main game art box to be used in XBOX later...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Inside and outside your ship

As mentioned a week ago, the interface and gameplay inside the ship changed. By adding modules to your ship the inside also changes accordingly, corridors connect different sections of your ship so your crew can walk around the ship, but be aware that if a module is damaged you will start to see holes or broken parts, if a wall breaks completely, who ever is close will be pulled out by the space vacuum.

Assigning roles to your crew will also affect how they behave inside, so a mechanic will try to fix whatever is broken inside your ship, while a security guard will patrol your ship all the time just to make sure that everything runs as expected. Sometimes pirates may board your ship so having enough guards will make sure that you survive the day.

This is a work in progress image, your crew can be manually selected and do tasks like fixing specific areas otherwise they will do whatever they think is better for your ship, or for them.

A space ship is not complete with bunks and a toilet! , bunks limit how many crew members you can have on board, and if your bunks gets destroyed your crew will demand a replacement or they may get angry at you over time, who knows what can happen after!...