Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little bit late, but here is the first screenshot - Junkcraft Armada - Summer Challenge

It took me more time than I was expecting to finish the basic collision detection system and get the proper modules damaged, instead of spending one day on it spent twice, so I have one day less for other things, but still looks promising.

Here is the first screenshot of  "Junkcraft Armada" game, my 2 weeks summer challenge project in which you design and equip your ship, get junk parts from the enemies you destroy on the way and upgrade/equip your ship with those parts, upgrade your parts with scrap materials or buy/sell parts at the space station. This screenshot has all the major modules for testing but when you start the game you will only have a very small module and limited weapons.

Physics play a great role in this game, so any part you add to your ship will affect how it fly in space, gravity of stars will make it difficult to maneuver around those areas and nebulas and other things may speed down your movement due to space dust and other things. There are still many ideas I want to implement, but first is to make the framework work together.

The graphics of the game at this moment are just simple placeholders, if I find more time I will improve them after the challenge is finished. Last night I implemented a very simple skin system, so I could have more than one skin for the same module, this will allow a nice looking spaceship, players will be able to select different skins to make it look better but functionality will be the same.

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