Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 2 weeks challenge...

I haven't updated the blog and the game that much lately, I've been very busy with other things and I took a small break after many years, now I feel refreshed, so I decided to take a small refreshing challenge to warm up and started a new game, but there is a catch, I will only spend 2 weeks on it and see how it goes.

I will publish by the end of the week the game progress, so far I had many ideas for my next game after finished Elem3ntz! , and I have already decided the game mechanics, but since it may take very long to finish the whole thing I decided a new strategy. The next 2 weeks will be used to build the foundation of the game and release a playable game with it, it will be very simple but it will allow me to test the basic ideas and physics. So far in the last 2 days I've been able to finish the basic physics engine and have it moving! I am pretty excited since I couldn't imagine how to do it until I started coding it and works pretty nice. Stay tuned for some small micro updates by the end of the week.

In the next two weeks I will have to finish a small spaceship game based on physics.

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