Friday, August 9, 2013

5 days so far and great progress

I've been working on my summer challenge for just around 5 days and made great progress and is so refreshing to switch to a new project for a short period of time. So far the game is going to be a space ship design and management with random battles in space, not sure how much I will be able to put inside the game given that I only have a little bit more than a week to finish the playable version, have the idea to add space stations to explore, gravity areas, nebulas with storms that will affect your systems, all in a random universe. The basic idea to work on your ship is to destroy enemies and capture parts to upgrade/expand your ship, or go to the shop and sell some of useless modules.

So far, I have added 19 different modules including weapons, energy reactor, tractor beams, shields and many others, the graphics are pretty basic at the moment just to be able to test my ideas and if the game works nicely I may spend more time later for a graphic revamp. The most difficult part in the first few days was to actually made the physics engine to work properly, it is made as accurate as possible so when building or upgrading your ship you will have to think about the mass you are adding to it and how it will affect your navigation, trusters are very important to maneuver your ship properly and getting some damage in battle will really affect your propulsion system. Getting enough ammo in your ship's storage will be challenging, so you can't just fire everything you have all the time, energy weapons are the cheapest to use since those will depend on your energy generator. Not quite sure if I will have the time to add the fuel module yet plus many others that I have in mind, at least this version will have the basic 19 or 20 modules at the beginning.

I will post some prototype pictures by the end of the week, hopefully I will be able to make the weapons systems to work by then.

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