Saturday, September 14, 2013

In space nothing stops you unless you hit something...

I was having some thinking about space today, I was looking at the smoke trail that missiles left in game, and somehow I felt that there was drag and smoke started to move behind, that would look fine if you are on earth when air resistance and gravity will drag your weapons bullets and even smoke trail, but in space it shouldn't. Actually I've spent a few hours thinking what is off on screen, bullets and energy weapons seem fine but missiles and torpedos did not, after so much thinking it was the smoke trail! sounds simple and didn't look so important but I like to take care even of the small details, when a missile was fired to the right side of your ship the smoke trail started to move down as my ship accelerated up, but missile keep moving at the same rate as my ship, up!, but smoke moved down!, if fired on earth it will be fine, but not in space, so I have to redo the smoke trail algorithm to take into account the missile accelearation, and keep attention when the missile change direction.

Red arrows show the direction of things moving below. On earth it may make sense but not in space.

More thinking to come later and most of the bugs I was planning to fix today are done, except the UI flow which is my next step, a little bit complicated to use even for me, after simplifying it I hope to post some new screens and gameplay videos.

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