Monday, May 27, 2013

Character redesign

Last year, I finished sketching up all the characters and special attacks for the dream build play competition but due to time restrictions I really didn't have the time to think in deep about each of the characters, now that I had more time and the animation framework working I decided that is time to redesign the rest of the characters, as of today there are 4 characters in good shape, and today I will show up the 5th one and the evolution from concept to somehow a finished version.

The first image on the left side is just the very first quick draft of this character, the next one is the clean up version of the line art and that was used for the DBP2012, not quite exciting but didn't have much to draw, animate and program everything given the time I had. This weekend made a new character to replace the old one, I had an idea to use sheeps as part of the special attack, as seen in the middle as a hat, but made me feel sleepy, so changed the hood drawing to a fish type, a little bit more agressive.

The color placeholder can be seen above on the left, and I just designed a few color palettes in the animation editor as seen on the right side, I like the second one a lot. So after finishing coloring this version, all the animations will be drafted by hand and hopefully I will have this character running in game by end of this week. So 3 more characters to go until all the main characters are ready for the final game, plus some more monsters.

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