Sunday, May 12, 2013

Time flies, past, present and future...looking back what I've done...

It is almost 2 years and 7 months since I started playing with XNA framework, and even if it is no longer supported by Microsoft I am still using it since I can easily migrate it to MonoXNA or do something else with it. The first year I wrote my first game, which is still unfinished but I was able to submit a demo of it to the DBP2011 with little less than a year and a half of experience, and proud of finishing a demo I came to know some of my limitations. So I decided to move ahead and keep the old game for a future release and move forward, so I started a more compact game and this will be released for sure. Today, I wanted to see how it all evolved during the year and a half since I started this new game, I spent most of the last 11 months making an animation framework that could do the things I wanted to do, so far it is working well, and just for fun tonight I will post some metrics.

Animation framework : 5483 lines of code
Elem3ntz game :  19853 lines of code
Shaders : 741 lines of code
Total lines for game + animation framework : 26077

Quite a lot, I didn't expect to have this much, but there is more...

Animation tool  : 29188 lines of code, used to do the nice animations previously shown in other posts.

Wow!, I wrote a total of 55265 lines of code for this game + animation tool, but 35412 lines were written only in the last 11 months!, so most of the work was made in the last year. I didn't expect it to be this big and still there is a lot to write, but I believe now that 90% of the code is already there, that makes me feel happy and I just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All of this doesn't take into account all the art I've made and the new characters, long ago I posted a few pictures of the characters in-game but I really didn't like the art so much, but that was the only thing I could do given the limited time I had, now that I made a new framework things speed up a lot, and I made new art+animations, it really moved faster and faster, I still want to make some drawing tools to increase the speed of sketching but I don't have enough time to do that at this moment. I want to release my game in the next few months.

And one last metric for fun, I have +1700 png image files in this game, and counting, I will add a few hundreds more by the time I finish.

I haven't heard of this kind of metrics in any other game, but I would like to know how big some indie games can be.

In my next post I will show up some of the last changes in the framework, one of the things that I didn't like is to manage the audio manually in game for some animations, trying to sync up frame animations with audio was a little bit time consuming, so finally this weekend wrote an audio module that is linked to the animation framework so I can animate and add sound effects at the same time, this is really a time saver! The interesting thing is that I can use it also to make music, though the intention is not to make music with it!, but I noticed it can be used as a tracker, which is a plus. I may expand those capabilities in the next version after I finish the game, since I don't see a need to write music attached to animations at this stage.

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