Saturday, May 4, 2013

Puzzle mode from scratch!

It has been almost a month since my last update, but I've been quite busy thinking and reworking this game. One of the features that I wanted to implement was the puzzle mode, in which the player will have to solve different kind of puzzles using the game tools available, at first I found very interesting idea and quickly implemented about 7 levels of it and that was part of the DBP2012 entry about 6 months ago. Then I tried to implement more levels but I did a trial test again of the old levels to see how much fun I could find on them, and I didn't find it very rewarding at all, after so many months of denial, I finally decided that this can't go live the way it is since there is no fun playing it. It is very hard to implement a challenging mode that is rewarding and fun at the same time, so I decided to redo it again and from scratch.

Now that I had more time to think about it, one thing that is rewarding is to learn how to use the tools, take advantage of those tools, and eventually the player will build more confidence and feel more and more powerful and solving a different kind of puzzles seems to be a better idea. The old system was a quick use of what you have on screen and I felt over powered all the time, I had to try to save/cover/extinguish or any othe action into the opposite board, that was a great idea until I tried it more and more, and I found it very difficult to offer a challenging puzzle since most of the tools I provided were more like "make the other player take damage and cover myself", so basically, not a good way to match and mix game components into one framework, and I found myself not looking at the opposite board at all, so I had hard time trying to play it. So having this framework in my mind, the logical solution is something similar to a tower defence game, in which you are the only barrier to defend all the innocent people behind you, and that way of thinking just made me redo all the puzzle mode. This mode is working a lot better than the previous one, so I can introduce different enemies and abilities that can challenge the player even more than the previous one, is more dynamic and entertaining, and also allows me to introduce boss levels after small quick and run small levels to unlock even more powers! , so giving all the powers at the start was not a good idea, but that allowed me to test all the functionality, and that was also a problem with the last build. I will post a video of the alpha version of the puzzle/challenge mode once I finish a couple of monsters and some other effects, but so far I just made a big leap forward this month.

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