Friday, January 31, 2014

Boarding ships and visiting locations , changing the face

As explained before, ship's boarding is a key feature of the game, that allows the player to visit other locations also. One key element is how to visualize the boarding operation and how to interact with your crew during a mission. So after doing a few months of testing in side scrolling mode I found that is very difficult to manage a crew in a very tiny space, like this:

It is not so fun to see them in a tiny space without being able to do much stuff, just give some minor orders and see your crew run in panic back to your ship without being able to protect the weak. So to make it more interesting and allow the player to make more meaningfull  decisions and play a greater role a new layout view is needed, this is a quick preview of what to expect now when boarding a ship.

A question that may raise now is why all of them are wearing space suits? well , knowing that having a hole in your ship will make your crew fly away and die in the cold dark space, for security when red alert happens everyone put on a space suit to avoid those cases and increase the probability of living in case of a hull breach, if a crew member is lost in space a beacon will appear and you will still be able to search and rescue your crew member if not too late, this can apply also to enemies floating in space. Also there are two ways to board a ship, one is through a tunnel that connects your ship with the target ship, and the second one is through airlocks and flying in the dark cold space when your ship doesn't have the airlock capabilties with the tunnel.

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