Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Starports play an important role in Junkcraft Armada, resupply your ship, hire or train crew members, buy supplies like food rations, fuel or ammo, trade your cargo, request a loan, pay your bills, and find jobs to do, just to mention some of the options available on starports besides the in-game events that can happen at any time.

There are different kinds of starports and supply changes according to system and planetary resources, law enforcement, political situation, economic wealth and technology of the colony or starport and season. So starports do not trade all items, some goods are illegal in some starports while in others are legal, on top of that your goods price varies based on the distance travelled for some specific products, for example food from a distant place will be valued higher than local produce if the quality of it is high and at the right season, while raw minerals price won't change since the basic value of a generic mineral is the same at the same quality, unstable political situation will value weapons higher while a very stable colony with high security level will value weapons very low since there is no need for them.

Seasonal products change price according to the planet's season and that gets reflects by its position in the starmap, so each planet have different seasons, but seasonal products price may not vary too much if the technology level is high, while it may vary a lot if the technology level is very low.

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