Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quests, status check and how to know more about your crew

Social media also is an important part in the future, whenever you want to get new quests, track how your crew is doing , what do they think about you and others, get requests from the main story, get status,  and other things are all visible through social media in Junkcraft Armada. Here is a concept work in progress screenshot of it.

One thing to remember is that your ship is your home and your family is your crew, you will spend years (in game time) with them in your ship to accomplish your main mission, so knowing them will help you accomplish your mission. Each crew member is not just a replaceable resource that you can use and discard, each one of them interact with each other, like or hate each other so you will have to think how to assign tasks to them to have a more effective team.

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