Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated development video - shader and palettes editor

Finally I was able to make some time and published a brief short video showing up the shader editor I made during the last weekend to help me fix more shader coding bugs that I had for a few months and was taking a lot of time to debug. Also the color palette manipulation in the framework, color palettes is something that is not available with modern hardware but necessary for 2d games, so this is just an example of a color palette manipulation and how to take advantage of it to reduce the memory footprint by reusing textures and by changing a few paremeters you can change how your character looks in-game. The shading layer can also be manipulated while in game to adjust the shade strenght and I am thinking if I should enable shading coloring at this stage.

Now with the shading layer working and most of the framework working, it is time to redo all the animations of the game using this new platform!

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