Monday, February 11, 2013

Shaders! let's break the cycle

Shaders do make things come to life in the 3d and 2d, but it is quite challenging to have a Jack of all trades do it all platform that can help write good shaders since shaders are usually tied to game engines. I tried Nvidea and AMD solutions plus a few others without much luck.
So the cycle continues, I've been trying to improve and fix my shader for the past month, and still I haven't been able to properly finish it, it works but the quality I am looking for is still not there, it takes quite a lot of time to write a good pixel shader, especially when it takes some time to think and write code without knowing fully the syntax, try to compile it and get some syntax/coding errors, fix them and then again compile the shader, then compile the game editor or game viewer to test the result, if it doesn't works I have to go back and modify the shader, every single test takes from 3 to 5 minutes with a few more minutes of waiting for the compiler to finish plus review the outputs so it takes around 10 minutes for each test. I think I wasted too much time waiting, so what do you do when you can't find something that you need? well... I usually do something for myselft when something like that happens, and I wrote one for myself, and spent this weekend doing it, just a day and a half and I just made a realtime shader editor/compiler so no more wait! no more trying to find a tool that can handle my needs of mixing textures and many other things that I was looking for, now the sky is the limit! and here I go!.

I will post some videos of the real time shader editor with the new code for palette color handling soon! I am quite excited by the results of this week and looking forward to fix the last ones at the shader level.

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