Junkcraft Armada daily change log - 2016
Mar 2
* Added more animations and other effects
* Bug fixes

Mar 1
* Added new animations when idle in 0g

Feb 29
* Fixed animations and moving logic in 0g

Feb 25
* Added new animations for all characters when moving in 0g

Feb 23
* Woking on 0 gravity logic

Feb 22
* Added pressure resistance so objects move slowly , gravity also affects now how items move inside ships

Feb 17
* Working on inertia on crew members
* Fixed some minor bugs

Feb 10
* More bug fixes

Feb 9
* Some bug UI Fixes , and some localization

Feb 8
* Got centripetal and acceleration forces to work on stuff left on the floor, next is on crew!

Feb 7
* Fixed path finding drawing lines to continuous line, finally.
* Started working on momentum and centripetral forces inside ship, accelerating and turning your ship will affect lots of things inside, so turning very fast can hurt your crew, make things fly inside your ship like stuff not properly stored or left on the floor.

Feb 6
* More bug fixing!

Feb 5
* Fixed more bugs! and some graphical issues

Feb 4
* Refactoring and re-ordering all debug menus
* Minor bug fixing
* Minor animations added while creating universe

Feb 3
* Debugging more issues, took me about 2 weeks to find a very high priority bug when fighting intruders in my ship, finally solved it!

Feb 2
* Refactoring and improving code
* reworked some classes for speed

Jan 28
* Finished fixing the new light render process, now no more issues
* Fixed  ship information and cargo management localization issues and some minor UI enhancements
* Fixed memorial window UI

Jan 27
* Rewrote light render system to fix several bugs/artifacts

Jan 26
* Found more bugs, just adding to the pile of bugs, can't find the source of those bugs yet
* Working on some more translations
* Fixed water management UI window
* Fixed fuel management UI window

Jan 25
* Added some small animation while creating the universe so it won't be so boring to see.
* Bug fixing, tracing very tricky bugs

Jan 24
* Refactoring code for speed, finally was able to reduce the time it takes to create the galaxy map, it used to take about 3-4 minutes and after threading it and improving some code it takes about 5 seconds now, about 30,000 to 40,000 worlds are created in those 5 seconds now, problem is now when starting a new game all memory has to cleaned, and this takes again about 3-4 minutes, still working on improving speed.
* Refactoring memory cleaning code, after more work I finally speed up the process and it takes about 10 seconds instead of 3-4 minutes, so the whole universe creation takes about 15 seconds
* Refactoring code for speed in other areas and fix some bugs found while improving speed

Jan 23
* Small bug fixes , added more localization strings that were hardcoded

Jan 22
* Worked a little bit more on music
* Worked on localization in some other windows

Jan 21
* Took a little break today, started working on music instead of programming for a change, started new melodies for the game

Jan 20
* Still working on scanners, added new functionality

Jan 19
* Fixed small camera issues when a transition happen between inside and outside view
* Working on scanners , adding scanning details on targets like ships and planets , depends on how good your scanning hardware is. Fixing UI to show up when scanning is in progress

Jan 18
* Bug fixes
* Starting working on scanners

Jan 17
* Localization bug fixing
* UI adjustments for other languages, buttons UI changes
* Reworked shields a little bit, some bugs found and fixed
* Reworking camera in outer space

Jan 16
* Added more localization content, food is now localized or supports localization
* More bug fixes
* Finished inside ship's UI migration, now both outside and inside UI buttons work the same way

Jan 15
* Misc bug fixes , fixed friend list, and found some small bugs in the new UI

Jan 14
* Misc bug fixes and localization issues

Jan 13
* Find a way to pass all game information to plugins, so all game data can be accessed and extend the game even further
* Started writing the first extension for a new system upgrade
Jan 12
* Created a new screen to activate/deactivate mods, created infra-structure for adding mods into the game but still the framework to enable in-deep usage of all capabilities inside the game is still pending
* Created first mod plug-in for testing purposes

Jan 11
* Started working on mods framwork! planning to allow players to extend the game through the modding community

Jan 10
* Started working on UI inside ships and planets to follow up the new UI redesign used in space

Jan 9
* Still working on ship's UI, added some small animations to console displays and still optimizing the code
Jan 8
* Reworked Ship's main UI screen, enabled different filters and regrouped several options for easy management when playing
* Fixed locations of menu option buttons

Jan 7
* Added drone as an entity, now it is showing up inside its docking bay when not in use, next is to enable the UI to handle drone orders like deploying drones or recalling them
* Minor bug fixes

Jan 6
* Added base station that can hold drones, started working on new art assets for drones and docking stations
* Enabled localization for all system upgrades so no more hard coded names and now it allows multiple languages, though still english is the main language, others may follow in the future
* Enhanced debug UI and some minor refactorings

Jan 5
* Finished module management UI fixes and migrated legacy code
* Started working on drone technology, will allow some repairs in your ship by using materials. If no drones are available some other way will be available to repair your ship, there is no magic wand.
* Some bug fixes

Jan 4
* Continued module management

Jan 3
* Sick day, couldn't sit to write any code...

Jan 2
* Refactoring module upgrade window with new UI controls

Jan 1st 2016!
* New year started , development continues!
* Fixed some UI elements with the new font and alignments in starmaps
* Started replacing old legacy button controls in module management, though it worked it didn't follow the standard UI management logic created like 8 months later, now refactoring all the legacy code

December 14
* Been busy with several other projects, but this game is no forgotten, taking small break and will re-start development from 20th of this month, lot of holiday's events and other family things to do this month!

December 1
* Added new descriptions
* started working on new tasks for crew members

November 30
*  UI enhancements and localization of crew members window details

November 27
* bug fixes

November 26
* UI fixes
* Testing the game for a few hours

November 25
* bug fixes
* More localization

November 24
* Finished robot portraits now all are fixed, need to add some additional animation to the camera

November 23
* Minor bug fixes and still fixing portraits for robots

November 21
* Still working on 2.5D for character portraits ,  adjusting camera and testing other effects

November 20
* Still working on 2.5D for character portraits , finished human crew members, need to finish robots now

November 19
* Still working on 2.5D for character portraits

November 18
* Tired of localizing the game... started new visual element development, I want to see my characters in 2.5D, will take 2 to 3 days to implement but will make characters to look a lot better

November 17
* Bug fixes, discover many small ones while testing localization
* Continued working on localization

November 16
* Continued working on localization

November 13
* Continued working on localization

November 12
* Continued working on localization

November 11
* UI font fixes
* Settting more localization strings

November 10
* bug fixes

November 9
* Finished designing the new localization framework, testing all day how to optimize the process

November 8
* Started working on localization, now I just made the first steps to allow different language packs in game, before it was only english thought not planning yet to translate the game to other languages but at least it supports that.

November 7
* Had to make a hard decision, use my own personal font or use standard true type fonts, saddly the only option that I have if I want multiple language support is to use standard true type fonts (ttf) since I won't be able to make a complete font set for all languages in the world, so the easiest way is to use standard ttf fonts. It will take many months if I create a font by myself but if in the future I have the time to do so I can still change it to my font version, for now I am changing the font type in all the game , it will take a couple of days to adjust it everywhere.

November 6
* Changed the way air works with the introduction of several new factors like CO, CO2 and nitrogen, now pressure is also visible in the new UI design, and O2 display changed to show up the percentage of oxygen and other gases, this is very important when not being in your ship, exploring will not be as easy as moving from one place to another without caring at all about the environment
* Pressure also changes when temperature changes and is displayed in the new UI
* Systems will try to compensate when possible by adding more nitrogen/oxygen mix and if your tanks have enough supplies, if not one or the other may go up. High levels of oxygen doesn't impact crew members for a few days, but many accidents may happen in high levels of oxygen concentrations 

November 5
* Started rebalancing all in game units, water consumption, oxygen and other factors to become closer to real life values

November 4
* Added new UI elements to show up CO, CO2 , pressure and other things.

November 3
* Added CO emissions when burning, this will affect crew members if enough CO is build in ship may even kill them, air purifier modules cleans it but if fire spreads it may not be able to keep up
* Added CO2 emissions from crew members, air purifiers lowers the amount over time, large amounts of CO2 can kill crew members over long exposure, and an addecuate CO2 level is required to do farming, diverse vegetables and other things absorb CO2 from the module where the farming is happening, having a too low CO2 levels affect food production
* Added pressure in modules, so it goes down if breaches happen, crew members will try to get a space suit of run away if pressure is lost
* Added new temporary new UI elements to show up the CO, CO2 and pressure levels.
* Enhanced temperature contro, now it decreases when air pressure is lost to space temperature level, usually below 0 degrees

November 2
* Some minor bug fixings
* Started working on some new mechanics and doing research

November 1
* Added nutrients for farming, it is consumed when doing farming activities per system to keep food production going.
* Added new functionality to hydroponic systems, lights now degrade over time but take very long time to burn out and lights turn on only when food is in production in the proper line

October 30
* Added new system panels to hydroponic systems, new icons and electronic panels added
* many bug fixes
* Adjusting UI to provide more space

October 28
* Testing many sybsystems, found some bugs

October 27
* Replaced some icons placeholders with real icons
* UI enhancements and more usability enhancements, the good thing about having been developing the game for so long is that I forgot many things since I started and now that I am testing I find some stuff hard to understand so I have to remake the UI to make it easier to understand without having to write a tutorial about it

October 25
* Refactoring planet code
* Fixed UI tool tips bugs
* Enhanced UI design

October 23
* Refactoring code

October 21
* Started working on some math formula as close as real, nothing can go wrong if you use math to estimate planet's gravity, mass, density and other factors that will determine planets you will be able to discover and visit 

October 20
* Adjusting navigation UI
* Created new icons
* Added new speed handler so you can setup a target speed and let the ship reach that speed so you don't have to manually do it every time
* Started adding new scanning display options

October 19
* Misc bug fixes
* Creating new audio

October 18
* Adding new audio effects and music
* Bug fixing

October 17
* Several bug fixes, speed controller adjusted to new speeds
* Fixed planet rendering and positioning issues
* Testing and rebalancing space travel speeds

October 16
* Adjusting planet markers and UI components

October 15
* Scanner screen now shows planets when targeting , enhanced UI to target other objects in space for scanning

October 14
* Adding new scanning and mapping tools, now your scanners can find planets and other things in space if properly upgraded

October 13
* Finally, planets do align properly to the orbits in space, not only in star maps but also in the background, now I need to test speeds and see if my ship can catch up with different orbits

October 12
* Adjusting planetary information

October 11
* Adding new art , reorganizing some of the UI for cleaner experience

October 10
* Bug fixing
* Added new icons, reworking starmap UI

October 9
* UI enhancement and bug fixing
* Redone warp calculation

October 8
* Fixing and rewriting some formulas

October 7
* Still working on scanning planets, ships and other things
* Fixing warp process by converting it to the new coordinate system

October 6
* Refactoring scanning/tractor beam code  , added new electronic components to handle different scanning and tractor beam upgrades
* Added new functionality to scan objects but has to manually be activated

October 5
* Adding new properties to planets/moons
* Working on explore module

October 4
* Added new animation while zooming in and out in the star map, sometimes it was hard to know what were you doing without some more visual clues.
* Adjusted UI and some controls

October 3
* Started working on music
* Refactoring more code
* Added new interface options to starmap
* Started the exploration module for unknown star systems and scanning process

October 2
* Bug fixing , adding new logic for destination tracking in universe so it won't be fixed to a specific position only but also allow to follow celestial objects
* Refactoring world position calculations
* Refactoring starmap window
* Simplified some calculations and centralized code

September 23
* More UI enhancement, working on new icons

September 22
* More UI enhancements and code refactoring

September 21
* starmap adjustments  and bug fixes

September 17
* More bug fixings

September 15
* Bug fixing
* UI enhancements, adding new buttons to starmap

September 12
* Code optimizations

September 11
* Code optimizations

September  9
* UI enhancements and bug fixing

September  8
* More UI enhancements and bug fixing

September 4
* More UI enhancements
* Refactoring planets positions to speed up the calculation process

September 2
* More UI enhancements

September 1
* more bug fixing
* UI enhancements

August 31
* Refactoring more classes
* bug fixing

August 30
* Well it took a little bit more time than I expected, but I started working on the game. Added 3 new events.
* Fixing some bugs and refactoring some classes.
* Added more functionality to the star map window

August 13
* There won't be any updates for 5-6 days due to personal reasons, I will be back after for sure.

August 12
* Adding new planet and moons UI enhancements for easier navigation
* Added new buttons in star map to quickly move to desired points in space

August 11
* Optmized representation of ship in star map, trying to reduce the draw calls for circles so I can get higher FPS.

August 10
* Optimizing code for speed , trying to get back 60 FPS at maximum zoom.

August 9
* Finally fixed all scrolling and zooming issues in galaxy map

August 7
* Bug fixing

August 6
* Adding moons and planets orbit movements

August 5
* Fixed all rounding and alignment issues , now working into a deeper zoom level in star maps

August 4
* More bug fixes on star map , close to finish most of the bugs

August 3
* More bug fixes on star map

August 1
* Fixing star map, still there are rounding and movement issues at maximum zoom

July 30
* Adapting star system code into threads, it is very slow to update so many planets and moons in star systems and is affecting game speed, threading will solve the issue

July 29
* Adding asteroid fields in star map and other space objects

July 28
* Still working on moons and planet orbits

July 27
* Working on moons generation

July 25
* Misc bug fixing
* Created configuration files for star systems

July 24
* Working on star systems UI

July 22
* Working on star systems

July 21
* Working on star systems

July 20
* Continued working on star system generation according to star mass and types so planets are distributed in a more believeable way

July 19
* Reworking planet and moon definitions , now all will be called worlds and new dependencies will be created like which world is tied to other worlds and stars so you can have twin planets and multiple moons as needed, before it was all locked to a specific number of planets and moons only to single orbits
* Change logic of the game so now it won't procedurally generate worlds and star systems as needed, this was very convenient and saves memory but it creates a problem in which story can't be build around star origins or knowledge of other star systems without having to generate those systems on the go, so now it is more memory intensive but allows deep story telling and allows to keep track of all the discoveries made by the player. In general there will be around +-100,000 worlds that can be visited by the player
* Working on star system creation to follow known real information of star sytems distributions as much as possible to have a believeable galaxy instead of using just random procedural data.

July 17
* Reworking jump points to use the new universe position controller for accurate locations
* Reworking star systems logic to add also different types of planetary rotations like twin planets

July 16
* Continued UI Controls

July 15
* Adjusted UI controls and button interactions

July 14
* Started working on star system zoom and movement of planets around stars

July 13
* Starmap UI enhancements , some new icons being developed

July 12
* Implemented accurate zooms from galaxy up to sector level, now need to work on the zooming of star systems up to planet level

July 11
* Finally got the time to fix the zooming precision

July 10
* UI bug fixes

July 9
* Misc bug fixes

July 8
* Working on starmap UI interace

July 7
* Testing new UI elements
* still working on camera transitions

July 6
* Working on camera transitions

July 5
* Still working on starmap, large scale system seems to be too much to handle in memory and I want to avoid paging to disk so will have to limit the number of systems that the player will visit since it will be impossible to keep track of each star system if we have 400 billion stars, unless all are procedurally generated and don't care about keeping track of player's discoveries which is not something I like to do.

July 4
* Reworking starmap , rescaled again the universe finally looks like it is going into the right direction

July 3
* Working on starmap scaling and UI

July 2
* Back to work, continued implementing radiation exposure

June 17
* Continued radiation exposure and effects on crew members
* during the week I won't have much connectivity so updates will be slow

June 16
* Started a new character effect, radiation exposure, more details soon.

June 15
* Refactoring zoom levels in the galaxy , it became very difficult to manage different everything with only one zoom level once things started to get too small

June 14
* Got star generation to work fast enough so there is no wait time, still need to work the next few days on the UI

June 13
* Still working on the galaxy map

June 12
* Reworking galaxy map, scaling sectors for better performance at this moment

June 11
 * Still working on galaxy map, trying to find better ways to zoom into quadrants and get better feel of the universe

June 10
 * Still working on galaxy streaming , testing different solutions for speed

June 9
* Still working on galaxy streaming so stars are created as needed in threads so you can navigate the universe without having the wait for a loading process

June 8
* redoing galaxy map with high resolution image and adding a new procedural logic for star creation and planet orbits

June 7
* Misc social interaction bug fixes
* Started changing all position into a universe position, so things can be tracked in very much details accross the whole universe in very precise way, before it was very innacurate and only tracked the player's ship, with the new system stars, comets, planets, moons, any ship and anything will be tracked to the last decimal point in the universe.
* Started procedural galaxy creation with the new starmap dimensions

June 6
* bug fixing

June 5
* Finished animation transitions between outside/inside views
* Bug fixes inside shuttles
* several UI bug fixes

June 4
* Started adding transition animation between outside and inside view of ships

June 3
* Refactored warp code and added more functionality
* Warp travel animation
* UI bug fixes
* Crew members will get bored and get some mood penalty if continues to eat same stuff over and over without variety

June 2
* New pixel shader effect for warping
* Still working on space allocation concept
* With the new shader effect started working on warp animation and speed

June 1
* Still calculating and partitioning space in real terms, didn't think it will take that much time to do, but it is coming nicely and better than before, now it will make more sense to pack enough resources for long distances, one thing that bothered me a lot was the travel constraint, which I didn't like, so with the new system the constraint will go away in general terms, you will be able to traverse space as desired but it won't be optimal since you will miss the jump gates but if you want you will be able to do so, and that's the big change and size of the universe in Junkcraft Armada, thought it may come up with billions of stars with no purpose... that's something I need to find a solution. The reason of the initial constraint was memory allocation and how everything interact together, the new one removes that constraint and will be procedurally generated following many of the known physics of the universe, the only constraint left is time, you will have limited time to finish the game so you will have to think better the way you travel the universe or it will be too late to accomplish your main mission.

* Reworking planets and other celestial bodies representation in the galaxy so procedural content will be created following the shape of the galaxy

Mar 31
* Rethinking space and recalculating space dimension, just to bring a more real outer space definition
* Started working on expanding the universe well beyond the current size to accomodate a more realistic size of the universe

Mar 30
* Balancing temperature effect on crew
* Taking showers can help regulate your crew temperature, if the ambient temperature is too high a shower will refresh any crew member taking a bath, on the other side if the ambient temperature is too low a shower will increase body temperature too
* UI enhancements an relocating some items inside crew window so I can have more space to add more new cool stuff
* Added a lot of new UI tooltips information, game is getting bigger and it may be difficult to understand everything without some additional help

Mar 29
* Adding more tooltips and descriptions
* Several UI bug fixes and enhancements

Mar 28
* UI enhancements , refactoring and adding new button types instead of hardcoding stuff
* bug fixes and testing new UI elements , refactoring old UI methods to the new one
* Started adding tool tips

May 27
* Refactored relationships and configuration files for easy management
* More testing and adding ability to gain social interations when being idle, crew now talk to each other when doing nothing also.

May 26
* Worked on crew members needs , now some of those urgent needs are displayed on top of each crew members, non critical ones are not shown and seen through the crew details window , added new icons and some UI enhancements
* Started working on the UI for relationships, so you can see how good or bad is the relationship between your crew and others, relationships improve over time by sharing drinks, over dinner and other activities
* Many small bug fixes
* Social interation can now happen while drinking or eating standing or on tables.
* Started working on crew preferences, so when free some crew members may hang out with best friends and friends instead of trying to talk to the people they hate.
* Added 8 new traits, some affect how relations are build over time , added trait ability to disarm enemies in close combat or resist disarm
* Refactored drinking code, alcoholic drinks now affect body temperature, if too cold a drink will help raise your crew temperature until certain level of drunkness, and if it is too hot it will drop the temperature to a comfortable level until certain level of drunkness, in both cases once the drunkness level is off limits it will just drop your temperature over time because of accelerated heat loss.
* Balancing relationship effects , after one day people became very close friends and should be over time, adjusting and testing values to make it more difficult and make a difference

May 25
* Bug fixes, some UI enhancements for robots needs
* Working on social interaction between crew members when having drinks
* Started working on relationships between crew members and others, I did the skeleton module a few months back but didn't have the time to implement the whole module, now it is getting into shape, find your nemesis, enemies, your best pals for example and see how your crew interact

May 24
* Adding more AI actions, now crew members pick up beer and find a good place to sit and drink, even chat with others if they are seating too around increasing mood if they get well together too.
* Added new animations when drinking alcohol, so now you can see what they are drinking
* Crew members who drink too much and over the limit will pass out and drop to the floor, only after sleeping they will be able to recover and back to normal with a headache or course.
* Added a new article to the blog to show up some of the new stuff

May 23
* working on the drunkess mode and passed out status of crew members when drinking too much
* studying how drunk and rebalancing alcohol

May 22
* working on AI to look for alcohoic beverages when stressed or addicted or just for fun

May 21
* Lots of small bug fixes on AI and UI
* Rebalancing more attributes like hunger and consumption rate
* Allowed crew members to pick up any food they like when not forced to eat
* Added new traits related to food eating habits
* Started working on some of the addictions, like alcohol

May 20
* Testing gameplay, some UI enhancements

May 19
* Addign more AI reactions for crew members , now coward crew members will ran from fights as much as possible or surrender very quickly is they are harm

May 18
* More UI bug fixes
* Still working on cleaning towels instead of showers for those ships without showers, minor AI fixes and some more enhancements and balancing testing

May 17
* More UI Bug fixes
* food spoilage bug fix
* Added functionality to break item stacks with the mouse so you can stack/unstack items as needed

May 16
* Added shower upgrade sytem, now crew member can take showers in ship
* Implemented response to hygiene and desire for showers , now crew members will go and take showers as needed, need to check if current hygiene need is balanced or not but so far looks good
* Now, showers consumes water
* Enhanced AI, crew will look for food in a smarter way and pick up the best item according to their liking for eating
* Refactoring food inventory, so players can see how much food is left on-board per item type
* UI bug fixes
* Added a new method for self cleaning when a shower is not available by using cleaning towels

May 15
* UI enhanced, changed all screens now and gun's stats is displayed and compared to current loaded gun so players can easily see if the other gun is better than the current one and decide
* Refactored guns ammo type and some minor bug fixes
* Surprise! working on hygiene, so next step is to add showers as upgrade systems to the ship, or other methods of cleaning, this can affect how crew members interact and affect mood, a too smelly crew member may cause a lot of disconfort to others! and a few more traits added related to hygiene.

May 14
* moving forward, stacking is working fine now, now enhancing UI to handle multiple pages of items, specially for food storage, initially was all hidden from player but now is all visible so UI needs to be enhanced.
* UI enhancements , durability of guns is now being displayed, working on adding a new way to compare current vs another gun on screen so users can easily see what is better for them

May 13
* stacking still... needs some more work to get it ready

May 12
* stacking staking... still working on that...

May 11
* Still working on optimal ingredient gathering and best paths to go and get them before cooking
* Optimized decision making, when a task is not possible because the target location is unreachable the crew member will do something else instead of getting stuck with the same thing in mind. Very useful when doors get locked or some parts of the ship get damaged and unreachable.
* food storage bug fixes and automatic stacking
* Started working on a way to stack items manually through UI and unstacking when needed

May 10
* Still working on cooking and handling of food from storage so crew can pull proper ingredients when cooking
* Refactoring harvesting and food management code to allow generic item stacking when possible, now item stack is configurable as per item type so you can stack a lot of seeds while for bigger items stacking will be smaller, example per slot you can have 6 bottles of beer or 120 seeds.
* Refactoring farming into different threads for performance
* Working on ingredients for cooking prioritization

May 9
* Food is now easily stackable and crew members will make stacks when harvesting food for easy transportation, also free up a lot of memory when using stacks
* Food consumption works now with stacks
* Started working on cooking

May 8
* Working on a way to stack items for easy management, after having a few hundred potatoes around in my ship it became apparent that stacking is needed

May 7
* Still working on order management and processing
* Farming can now receive orders for different vegetables, so scheduling a planting workflow is very easy
* Refactoring and creating a new inventory tracking system so orders can quickly check availability of produce
* Crew now follow produce orders  accordingly, so if you want to have 10 tomatoes they will make sure your indoor farming module production runs as needed so less stuff gets spoiled and wasted

May 6
* Still working on orders window and the processing of orders made by the player on systems for cooking, crafting and others

May 5
* More UI enhancements
* Started working on cooking and recipes , cooking skill level will determine what can be cooked and the quality of the food
* Added wine and a few more ingredients and food so there will be a large number of items that can be cooked or brewed
* Started working on a new window that enables set orders to systems, so you can order to cook certain amount of food or other things.

May 4
* Optimized path finding and reduce unnecessary steps, crew walks using more straight lines instead of doing a lot of unnecessary turns
* Optimized farming procedures
* Indoor farming system modules now keep the last thing that was planted so crew members can plant the same vegetable over and over
* Added new machine, threadmill, so your crew can run on threadmills and recover some fitness, fitness decay over time without proper exercise so keep up your crew happy and fit with machines, crew can also get fit by running around if no machines are available but they may not get much joy/fitness by doing that only since a threadmill provides different jogging routines.
* Balancing growing time of vegetables
* Added all food items as like/hate item  , so giving someone to eat that likes will give a mood bonus while giving somthing that hates will give a mood penalty
* Now farming consumes water from your ship reserves
* Added task priority management, so crew members will be able to be assigned to more than one area to manage idle time better by doing other activities when finishing one
* Added new UI for multi-task assignment
* Refactored crew management and assignment to align to red alert status, so now crew members will stop doing non important tasks and change to high priority tasks

May 3
* Some more bug fixing, vegetables now grow properly and added a few more types
* Crew stores food in food containers when available so spoilage is slower

May 2
* Bug fixings on AI while interacting with other primary survival things, like going to eat , sleep or running from places with no oxygen
* Food spoilage and harvesting balancing

May 1
* Adjusting AI crew desires and trying to align work with schedule
* AI fixing to take into account capacity of food storage and inventory management for hauling food

Apr 30
* Created farming skill table, higher experience can give better yields and faster sowing and planting, while low skill may even return awful harvesting and low quality.
* Added vegetables growing cycle in indoor farming machines
* Started working in the AI so they your crew can store properly ready to eat/cook vegetables in a proper storage compartment

Apr 29
* Started working on food spoilage, farming and growing plants handler, so you can have hundreds of different food items and plants growing without slowing up the whole game

Apr 28
* More bug fixes
* UI enhancements and traits fixes
* Linking time table schedule with actions
* Refactoring traits code

Apr 27
* Got stuck thinking about time, problem is what if your crew lands on a planet with a day that last 100 hours? how will the natives behave in those cases? do they go to sleep every 16 hours in plain daylight or just stay awake until night comes? what if a planet has 1000 hours of light or maybe just 4 hours? trying to find a time scale that fits every condition without having to use an incredible amount of memory, the initial thinking was to run the clock faster or slower so it can easily fit  all conditions, but what if a planet has 100 hours or light and 100 hours of night, will the natives sleep 100 hours?

Apr 26
* Balancing and rethinking time , planets do have different rotational speed so the day/night cycle is different so the people living there

Apr 25
* Bug fixing UI
* Adding new skills into UI and time scheduler, you will be able to setup working hours so you can make night shifts or anything you would like to do, this is necessary otherwise you crew may get too exhausted.

Apr 24
* Fixed some skill/trait incompatibilities

Apr 23
* Still bug fixing automation issues
* Weapon's skill allows crew members to mantain weapons properly now, and if the skill is too low you may even get into accidents if not experienced enough.
* Re-organized traits, new characters will show more traits the older  they are, and may even gain some new traits or loose some on the way.

Apr 22
* Task automation bug fixes

Apr 21
* Automating more tasks, when fixing things crew members will properly get materials to work with.

Apr 20
* Misc bug fixes

Apr 19
* Added durability to guns, maintenance is now necessary to keep your guns working
* Refactoring AI to handle guns repair
* Added weapon bench where crew members do gun's repairs.
* Nano dust will be used as gun's repair material

Apr 18
* Crew members will load sewing machines with materials as needed before patching clothes automatically
* Refactoring thoughts code
* Added 3 more skills for crew members, farming, crafting and cooking besides tailoring added a few days ago. Farming will be used for indoor farming in ship, cooking to create delicious food and crafting you can guess what is coming up.
* Added character age, so the older the character the more traits available, on the other side the younger the character the less traits he or she will have. Age also affects learning of skills and mastery gain.
* Refactoring experience gain, now it will be affected also by the learning rate given by the age

Apr 17
* Balancing activities
* Adding new activities and system upgrades , tailoring/fixing clothes like winter clothes, space suits and others will be possible but fixing will be limited at the extend of the ability of the crew member assigned, if ability is too low it may cause damage instead of fixing it.
* Added sew thread, used to fix clothing, sewing machine stores sew thread to be able to operate the machine.
* Started guns bench so your gun specialist will be able to repair at some degree your damaged guns

Apr 16
* Added tablets, so crew members can also play games on tablets
* Bug fixes and rebalancing joy activities
* Added a few more thoughts to crew members so you can also see read what do a crew member has in mind, like playing games and other activities.
* While in red alert your crew will not waste time doing non critical activities like playing games
* Added jogging activity to reduce stress , crew members will run around the ship to releave some stress
* Added fitness level so if a crew member that is not is good shape will get tired a lot faster than normal.

Apr 15
* Adjusting and balancing mood with likes and hates, added new traits depressed and elated some crew members will be unhappy overtime because they are simply a kind of depressed, some treatments may be necessary to cure it.
* Misc UI enhancements, you can now clearly see what types of activities are causing happines or unhappyness to your crew members so corrective action can be taken.
* Alcoholic crew members get a higher mood boost while drinking alcoholic beverages while teetotalers get negative mood. Other traits updated to reflect likes and hates of the individual.
* More UI bug fixes
* Refactoring some code to produce less garbage and run faster

Apr 14
* Added new formula when doing activities that a crew member likes and hates so the enjoyment or punishment disminish when overdoing one activity.

Apr 13
* Path finding bug fixes with new arcade machines
* Adding AI code to choose when to go and wonder to relax doing stuff that the crew member likes whenever is free
* Refactoring likes and hates of crew members so over time if a crew member is not doing something he/she likes some unhappyness may grow over time and affect behavior, and doing too much of something will provide less happiness.

Apr 12
* Adding some effects to arcade machines, so screen will also glow when someone is playing

Apr 11
* Finished traits UI window
* started linking fun activities and others with in-game actions
* Added a few more sprites to arcade machine screens

Apr 10
* Bug fixing

Apr 9
* More UI modifications, almost finished traits window updates
* Started linking likes/hates with actions in game

Apr 8
* UI enhancements , traits, hates and likes can be seen in UI with scrollable lists.

Apr 7
* fixed camera bug
* adjusted some text and added likes/hates list for display, it was only internal before but now you can see what your crew enjoy/hate doing , UI enhancements
* started adding joy activities that affect mood, playing games in arcade machine give some positive feedback in general if your crew member enjoys playing games. Another example is if a crew member loves guns, while having one in his pocket or hand gives joy, while if a crew member hates guns having guns on hand gives the opposite effect.
* Added compatibility test between traits and likes/hates so no contradiction will happen

Apr 6
* Fixed some lights and misc. bugs fixes
* Buying system upgrades and installing them now have reserved space so the system can be used.
* Added arcade machines so your crew can play when bored when free, added new art and screens.
* Refactored system upgrades

Apr 5
* Fixed a bug where crew members were allowed to sleep on the same bed on top of each other

Apr 4
* more bug fixings, installing now gives some experience and skill of each crew member matters for installing purposes.

Apr 3
* Some bug fixes , I was able to literally enslave my crew to make them work to death, now it won't happen anymore.

Apr 2
* crew members with engineering assignment will automatically try to install new upgrade systems and take breaks as needed for eating and sleeping.
* players can now also assign/override which systems to install first.

Apr 1
* fineshed programing the whole game, and about to release in a few hours!
   well, happy April's 1st... still lot more to do to get an alpha release.

* Refactoring and grouping upgrade systems for easy management
* Adding more logic to AI so crew members will try to install systems when free automatically and schedule work accordingly

Mar 31
* Adding new art for systems not installed yet
* Adding new logic for crew members that can fix systems and maintenance in your ship, from now a crew member assigned to those tasks will also install systems in the ship when purchased at a shop, install time will be faster or slower depending on the crew's skill .

Mar 30
* Creating pricing logic for system upgrades
* Now adding a new system will require install time , can be a few minutes, hours or days depending how complex is to set a system in your ship.
* Implementing UI for system placement inside target ship when purchasing upgrades

Mar 29
* Continue to work on shop and designing interface

Mar 28
* Continue to work on shop

Mar 27
* Continue to work on shop

Mar 26
* Started working on the shop to upgrade your ship

Mar 25
* designing new buildings
* preparing hotels in towns
* fixing lights during night
* fixed some memory leaks

Mar 24
* more bug fixes

Mar 23
* More capabilities to editor
* bug fixes

Mar 22
* Added some more capabilities to the sprite editor

Mar 21
* Working on internal building illumination model so day/night cycle will alter how the internal building illumintion is rendered.
* misc bug fixes

Mar 20
* Created new sprite management so I can mix more sprites per tile

Mar 19
* Some misc bug fixes
* Finished roof creation so when no crew members are inside a building the roof will be shown instead of the interior

Mar 18
* More sprite art!

Mar 17
* Found and fixed many hard to find/reproduce bugs when creating buildings
* started working on building roofs when no crew member is inside
* Adding new wall sprites and started working on procedural walls

Mar 16
* Adding more sprite sets
* UI misc bug fixes

Mar 15
* Adding more sprites and details to cities

Mar 14
* Adding more properties to doors for city design
* Minor animation fixings when hacking consoles

Mar 13
* Many bug fixes
* Updating more town sprites, created new door sprite

Mar 12
* Adding more functionality to the building editor
* Refactoring system upgrades

Mar 11
* More bug fixings
* Added new properties to system upgrade containers

Mar 10
* Adding new sprites for the old wild west theme
* Refactoring upgrade systems sprite logic
* Bug  fixings on camera calculations affecting shadows and tiles, a 4 month old wrong calculation finally fixed!
* Mouse optimizations

Mar 9
* More bug fixes, adding verticals doors is having some issues and finally decided to fix this today

Mar 8 
* still working on town houses and other accessories

Mar 7
* New buildings, started working on town houses

Mar 6
* bug fixing many small ones that I couldn't find before.

Mar 5
* Started procedural buildings contents
Mar 4
* Desing a few more buildings

Mar 3
* Optimizing town creation

Mar 2
* still creating random cities, well analyzing what should be on each city and how to organize buildings , it is kind of interesting looking at historical records of old western cities to understand how to procedurally create one.

Mar 1
* Testing shops in towns
* started procedural algorithms to create cities.

Feb 28
* started code optimization for planets and terrain shadows.

Feb 27
* still working on the editor
* Adding new sprites for new buildings

Feb 26
* Working on editor for new structure types. added a new kind of layer for some special non blocking objects like very thin columns to add more depth in the wild west theme

Feb 25
* Still working on new structure types for buildings
* Adding new options in the internal editor to add the new structure types

Feb 24
* Adding new type of structures for buildings in planets

Feb 23
* UI Enhancements for landing and crew management , added some new keyboard shortcuts
* Adjusting some sprites
* Enhanced camera  to follow up selected crew members

Feb 22
* Fixed water transfer between ships
* UI Enhancements

Feb 21
* Refactoring ship creation, some bugs were introduced with the last updates so many bug fixes had to be addressed.
* UI Enhancements

Feb 20
* Started the architecture design to allow mods into the game
* Changed shuttles to behave as a system upgrade to enable it to land on any place in the map
* misc UI bug fixes

Feb 19
* misc bug fixes , fixed a hard to find bug with missing illumination and shadows
* refactoring procedural texture creation to match theme of planet

Feb 18
* refactoring shadow algorithms
* misc bug fixes

Feb 17
* Added a new buildings illumination shader for planets so now buildings can cast shadows

Feb 16
* still working on tile editor UI
* added oxygen to planets when there is a breathable atmosphere , my crew died without proper oxygen recycling when doing testing

Feb 15
* With some of the new tiles created for the first building in a town I just started updating the tile editor to create new buildings using UI.

Feb 14
* Started adding new building types! finally working on buildings for towns, started with old western style first since I already have the desert biome.

Feb 13
* Adding more plants
* still working on planet time calculation
* Added fast shadows for plants
* bug fixes

Feb 12
* Map is running fast now, added some desert plants 
* started working on the terrain shadows and plants distribution model
* started local time calculation for each planet , days will be faster or slower depending on the planet rotation and planet size, seasons will depend on the planet inclination but that may not be implemented yet.

Feb 11
* refactoring code for speed

Feb 10
* started working on vegetation generator for different biomes

Feb 9
* misc bug fixes and ui fixes

Feb 8
* texture adjustments , biome fixings
* Started working on rain distribution, that will affect how deserts and forests are created

Feb 7
* misc bug fixes
* still working on terrain refactoring

Feb 6
* refactoring terrain creation, it is stuttering at the moment when swapping terrains for less than half second so improving speed now to avoid that at the cost of more memory

Feb 5
* Buttons UI bug with mouse over areas fixe
* terrain creation and partioning finished, now refactoring  terrain allocations when scrolling through the planet area, optimizing code and shaders

Feb 4
* still working on terrain partitioning and adding more biomes

Feb 3
* bug fixing
* still working on terrain partitioning

Feb 2
* Still working on terrain partitioning 

Feb 1
* Working on terrain shading , you can check some of the progress now at http://mysticrivergames.blogspot.com/2015/02/planetary-landing-progress.html
* Synchronization of the sun movement and planetary rotation inside maps for day/night cycle and started temperature variance calculations between day/night logic depending on many factors like atmosphere composition and other factors
* Partitioning terrain so it can be generated in sections, don't have enough memory to create all the terrain for the whole world in memory so it have to be created in chunks and swap as needed

Jan 31
* Working on texture blending with 3d for terrain to obtain better terrain mixing

Jan 30
* adding new biome textures
* continued on multi-texture shader, optimizing code

Jan 29
* still working on multi-texture shader to allow different biomes types for smooth transitions

Jan 28
* refactoring planet generation code so land terrain use the same code as planet texture generation and enable local map to match world map
* still working on multi-texture shader to allow different biomes types

Jan 27
* Started biome generation with a simple procedural desert environment with different textures
* Drawing new textures for a few biomes, snow, soil, sand and others
* Created new shader for multi-texture environments , a lot better than creating all transition sprites between all biome types , now it is a lot easier to mix different textures

Jan 26
* Planet temperature on land and sea calculations, this will affect weather on planets so be prepared for the weather conditions when landing!
* UI Updates so temperature and other values are shown in the planetary landing screen
* Started working on procedural planetary texture generation algorithms

Jan 25
* Shaders optimizations
* Continued planetary generation module

Jan 24
* Refactoring planet generation so it can be created in threads while traveling to reduce the creation time of all planet textures and improve gameplay
* Changed some default values so it will be easier for new players to play the game
* several game speed optimizations
* bug fixings, shader fixes
* planetary landing generation

Jan 23
* Lots of bug fixes and UI improvements

Jan 22
* Finally working on the planetary procedural terrain generator for a simple biome as a test

Jan 21
* With shuttles working now, started on planetary landing options
* Refactoring code and planet creation moved to a different thread for speed

Jan 20
* Added storage locker to shuttles
* Added new window to transfer water between ships, water is used to store/produce oxygen

Jan 19
* More bug fixes, export and healing bars fixed
* Drawed new storage module for shuttle
* Updated shuttle to fit layout and made holes for modules

Jan 18
* Drawing new system modules for shuttles.
* Creating new debug menus for doors and shuttle stuff
* Export and tile editor bug fixes

Jan 17
* Misc bug fixing
* Fixing scale and drawing of shuttle, it was too big inside compared to the outside, adding new modules for shuttles so power energy/fuel , oxygen and other things can be manipulated as needed, same as a big spaceship but for a small one.
* Creating new control panels for shuttles

Jan 16
* misc bug fixing , trying to fix small path finding issues with threading

Jan 15
* Fixing visual issues while in a shuttle and docked inside a ship
* Reworked crew transfer between shuttles and ships , swaping ships bug fixing

Jan 14
* still working on planetary landing selection window
* shuttles bug fixing

Jan 13
* Started planet generation for the crew to explore- first thing that started is planet landing location window

Jan 12
* Misc audio bug fixes
* auto targeting  bug fixes
* smoke  from fire now can go out of the ship to see damage while still oxygen is available
* weapons now increase heat inside space ship, may stop firing due to overheat issues

Jan 11
* Adding ice asteroids so we can mine water from them to get oxygen
* asteroid collision debris adjustments
* added asteroid water extraction animation

Jan 10
* Testing and balancing food consumption
* Started creating more sound effects,  added engine room background noise effect

Jan 9
* small bug fixing in targeting systems
* UI enhancements to make it easier to find targets , it was too confusing before
* Crew now go to sleep when late at night and go to their assigned rooms if any, updated sleep formula to fit the day cycle time
* modified targeting arrows to not interfere with target selected to ease icon cluttering and added transitions

Jan 8
* Expanding targeting options to planets. Ship and space anomalies targeting done,
* Started working on scanners to provide different information depending on the scanner power and parts
* Added new icons and buttons for targeting , cleaning targeting tags and animations
* small bug fixes

Jan 7
* Camera bugs fixed
* UI uncluttering - making slimer UI for easier management, added target sub-screen controls
* misc bug fixes

Jan 6
* Fixing starmap scale and sync up star map with space view

Jan 5
* Creating more planet types, working on dessert planets.
* Added polar caps for planets with seas

Jan 4
* Converting terran type procedural creation to generic type, so many other types of planets will be created based on simple parameters
* Preparing city creation module
* Started procedural calculations for gas giant planets including textures and vortex deformations

Jan 3
* Refactoring code to add more options in the procedural planet process, all code for procedural planets moved to parallel threads so the planet creation doesn't slow down gameplay, all runs on the background while the player is busy doing other stuff, so no time spent waiting for the game to create an entire planet before arriving.!

Jan 2
* More texture bug fixing, found some strange bugs in shader code that needs a fix
* Dynamic normal map texture generator for planets working now

Jan 1st
* Writing a dynamic normal map texture creator for planets

Dec 31
* Last update for 2014, still doing bug fixing, some issues with texture tiling and seams of clouds and atmosphere on planets

Dec 30
* More procedural planet textures , terran planets working now, time to start with other types of planets

Dec 29
* More procedural planet textures

Dec 28
* Working on procedural planet texture generator, with generation of terrains and clouds

Dec 27
* Fixed more memory leaks , pretty much sure that almost all of those issues are gone now
* Fixed pause screen, used to change the background randomly
* Fixed background animation speed of space stations
* Several UI and light calculations fixes
* Started planet/asteroid generator

Dec 26
* Path finding fixing
* Bug fixing , fixed memory leaks
* Minor graphics glitches fixed

Dec 25
* Adding more behaviours to sales persons in-game so they will try to sell stuff to the player if close enough as priority, otherwise try with someone else around
* Adding more rooms layouts to space stations
* Added Beer! now your crew can buy beer at the closest bar! and have some fun
* Working on the drunk system, so if someone gets too drunk some funny things may happen

Dec 24
* Designing new shops

Dec 23
* Adding more rooms export functions
* Drawing more sprites

Dec 22
* Adding ship map export to XML, lights and light sources completed, now time to get the different tiles and upgrade systems into XML

Dec 21
* Continue export XML layouts.
* Completed lights and decals editor, now can edit rooms while playing the game

Dec 20
* Pathfinding bug fixing
* Started export room layouts to XML for easy editing

Dec 19
* Adding more configuration options for procedural textures so more varieties can be seen
* Adding more options to the map editor so I can edit the in-game designs while playing and saving the designs as default templates

Dec 18
* Lots of bug fixes,  interactions and animations
* Adding more procedural floors and adding configuration of floors

Dec 17
* More bug fixes
* Added breath vapor in cold environments for humans
* Added body temperature so hypothermia or other symptons can happen if not properly dressed for the situation
* Crew UI updates to show body temperature status

Dec 16
* Added pause button
* New sprites for cargo and changed how cargo is displayed in ship
* Added a way to see some of the modules that are not really necessary to see inside the ship like thrusters , so at least it will make some sense from the player point of view
* Fixing oxygen production, it was not using all the available systems

Dec 15
* bug fixing
* Drawing new art for cargo modules
* Added air quality purifier, crew members now complain if air quality is not good and mood can change if ship smells too bad!
* New traits added,  Hyperosmic and Hyposmic , sensitivity to smells so keep your ship clean!

Dec 14
* Adding mood effects to crew members
* Added relationship between crew members, some may work together better than others, sometimes some may hate each other and will affect how they perform on some tasks or change
their mood.
* Added mood and thoughts detail tab contents and several UI enhancements

Dec 13
* Crew can sit in front of each other so they can eat together and chat
* Crew eating on tables now show their food on the table while they eat
* Crew priority added to ease serving customers and seat usage so not everyone start to move around when there is an overlap of characters in same position

Dec 12
* Creating different shop config files for variety
* Adding more sprites for shops, like chairs and tables

Dec 11
* Creating new food menu items, it is very boring to see your crew eating standard space rations, adding burguers, pizza , ramen! and other items, you can't be in space without those basic items!
* Shop configuration definition

Dec 10
* UI development for shopping
* Creating new logic for cost calculations depending of many factors like wealth, technology and others

Dec 9
* Added ability to have multiply shops in same module, we can have a food park now :)

Dec 8
* Drawing more sprites, tables and shop stuff
* Refactoring and consolidating code
* Added workplace to crew members so they can go back to work easily
* new window -> shopping!

* Working on the light system management
* Adding a visual tile editor in-game so I can stop hard-coding maps and instead draw them

Dec 6
* Adding more  debugging controls to enable ship builder module
* Designing and testing new ships and the new module manager
* Drawing more sprites today

Dec 5
* Continue to add more debug options so I can start the ship builder

Dec 4
* Adding new console for debugging purposes, cleaned a lot of the debugging options and now most of them are in a tiny menu option
* Changing how ship modules are created so the layout inside can be a skin swapable not hardcoded
* Adding new art for shops

Dec 3
* Fixing UI elements in ships not owned by the player
* Started shops in space stations so you can buy components and other things

Dec 2
* more UI enhancements
* walking at very high speeds bug fixed
* Created new animation for hacking consoles for all characters
* Boarding now working as expected , long live to the many crew members lost in space and different unknown dimensions of bug fixing, probably a few dozens went into a place I couldn't find
* Adding new skills to crew members, hacking , social and research
* Adding brute forcing open option for systems when locked, may destroy components but ensure you will have access to components if any is left after, explosions may happen too!

Dec 1
* more UI enhancements and fixes
* Boarding ships through airlocks working , adjusting all menu options after boarding new ship
* Started console hacking process of enemy ships

Nov 30
* UI enhancements, cleaning up code
* Redoing path find algorithm

Nov 29
* Bug fixing, more integrations issues found with some actions
* crew members will take inventory items from dead characters if possible and store them later

Nov 28
* bug fixing some actions do not work together.
* extending the time it takes before getting brain damage due to lack of oxygen, at this rate I had half of my crew brain dead :)
* added rest recovery when crew member is on the floor

Nov 27
* Added AI action to crew members to get a space suit before trying to go to a room without oxygen
* Crew member will wear a space suit first from inventory if there is any, if not the crew member will search in ship for any space suit to wear

Nov 26
* bug fixing
* crew have more priority options
* started working on airlock and space suit wearing process
* added space suit so crew can wear one when needed

Nov 25
* More UI integration for easy crew management
* Crew actions bug fixing
* Added more actions to medics
* Selve preserve actions added, organic life forms now run from modules without oxygen to prevent mass deaths when not wearing space suits

Nov 24
* started apparel configuration so different types of armor can be generated by XML
* more UI fixes , cleaning up code
* changed play speed, now it is 1x, 2x and 3x for faster gameplays
* warp electronics components now get damaged over time, and more if the system is running at faster speeds
* oxygen generator now requires water to produce oxygen.
* added oxygen pressured tanks for additional emergencies
* oxygen tanks can be purchased at space stations or be recharged from the normal oxygen generators, oxygen gets depleted faster when something is burning in the ship, hopefully not your crew.

Nov 23
* Bug fixing
* items on the floor now catch fire and burn
* game can now be played at normal speed at 1x, faster speed at 1.5x and fastest at 2x the normal speed, added UI menu.

Nov 22
* Bug fixing and cleaning code
* Balanced fire spreading and fire oxygen consumption
* Laser beams colors can now be configured with different electronic components

Nov 21
* Warp travel calculations complete, now working on impulse thrusters calculations
* Linked system components to warp engines and allows variable warp speeds in real time

Nov 20
* Added new warp speed control so player can decide faster travels versus resources, faster travel consumes more fuel and also added speed overclock so you can even push your warp cores even more at the risk of damaging components
* several UI bug fixes
* Working on new warp space travel formula

Nov 19
* added more idle duties so crew members contribute with different maintenance tasks when free like cleaning
* added sub systems lights
* added power switch to system panels, so any system can be switch off as desired
* cleaning up code
* redoing all warp travel calculations and UI

Nov 18
* Started system energy power distribution through ship, consumption and production now is in watts per unit of time
* Added battery system upgrade to store excess energy produced
* refactoring indexes so I can find upgrade modules in ship easily

Nov 17
* Added Bacterion Medical unit, lots of bacteria heal injured humanoid characters fast and cheap! but won't replace missing limbs or organs, just stop bleeding, heal broken bones and heal burns, for those missing body parts there will be another machine, the bio-printer, and for transplants there will be a big operation machine too.
* Medics can now carry crew members to bacterion unit if available first, if no other machine is available they will look for an empty bed.

Nov 16
* Started working on UI enhancements, display external/internal damage in a list to have an idea how bad is the character, broken bones, hemorrage , burns , etc...
* no air equals brain damage after a few minutes, may become permanent damage unless  treated quickly
* medics will now also feed unconcious crew members to prevent starvation
* medics will carry injured or unconcious crew members to bed for recovery, if there is a sickbay medics will try to use the recovery chamber if any is available for faster and better treatment but healing will depend on medic capability.

Nov 15
* added camera control to focus to selected crew members as needed
* organic crew members breathing now depletes Oxygen level  in modules, crew members may now die due to lack of oxygen and lose conciousness very quickly if not enough oxygen is available
* Started self healing process for non robots, over time if survived bleeding will stop, broken bones will heal properly if treated and so on.
* Started linking systems to the power generator so when power is low some systems will start to shutdown or not work at all

Nov 14
* path find optimizations so crew members will avoid walking on fires to prevent burn damage
* UI control optimization to locate fires in ship easily

Nov 13
* crew can now use spare parts to fix hull breaches 
* rewrote logic for crew to find fires to extinguish

Nov 12
* added more side effects and started working on the healing and patching ability of medics
* bug fixing

Nov 11
* characters with broken limbs are now incapacitated, bleeding too much cause characters to lose conciousness.
* fixing broken things requires nano materials to patch anything
* added nano dust material storage unit placeholder
* crew trying to extinguish fire can now find the closest fire source to extinguish
* added different types of damage to crew members

Nov 10
* started working on characters bleeding, broken bones, internal organs, treatment procedures and side effects , medics with low skill will do poor job at healing people and leave scars and some pain
* started concept art for healing machines like 3d bio printers for organ and limbs replacements

Nov 9
* AI fixing
* Sub system panel's electronic components linking to ship's modules
* Added extinguishers and health scanner tools

Nov 8
* more electronic components and drawings
* AI ship fix
* centralized inventory management
* Added auto fixing crew AI

* started web log

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