Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crew in your ship

So far until now all screenshots have shown crew members in space suit only, but that just changed and now your crew will be visible in their own clothes inside ships, only space suits will be needed when being in space or while going to places without life support.

This will add a lot of variety to the game and the look of it. Space suits have a color per ship so you can easily identify the crew member belonging to the ship and the ones that are yours, this will be very useful when boarding ships but when a crew member is not wearing a space suit a casual cloth will be displayed.

Another important thing to look at is that each crew member do have an area in their cloth that will change color according to their duty, so for example a crew member assigned to security will have an orange section in the uniform as well in the suit so you can easily identify by colors the assignment, but if you have difficulties differentiating colors you can always look at the window and see the icon assigend to that crew member.

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