Sunday, September 14, 2014

Many updates, lights, cockpit chair , system modules and robots

Many new items were added in the past few weeks to the game, now to fly a ship you need at least one crew member sit in a chair like the screenshot below.

Also, many more options become available whenever a crew member has access to a console and when some additional systems are added to your ship. For example we have a gun locker and a food dispenser in the corner of the command center module seen below.

A gun locker allows storage space for the armory and equip your crew with weapons, but if not enough lockers are available you won't be able to securely store them and avoid enemies to get access to your arsenal. Food storage allows your crew to get proper food and adds food storage into your ship, lose them and your crew may die of famine in a long trip, so make sure you have enough storage for long trips. Other consoles allows you to have access to different options, like being able to have an Oxygen overlay to see the oxygen distribution in your ship, low oxygen makes it harder for any fire to expand, but overtime it will make hard also for your crew to get proper oxygen, and if any crew member stay for too long he or she may die.

In this screenshot you can see the O2 availability in your ship, have a breach and oxygen will drop very fast and if your O2 machines break you may not survive for long. There will be many ways to replenish your O2 in your ship but that will come into another news later.
Having access to your main consoles allows you also to lock/unlock doors for safety purposes.

Also, there may by places where light is not available or if there is any power failure, and you will be able to see what your crew can illuminate as seen below:

You may have noticed also that there is a new type of character standing in the gif above, that one is a robot. Not so long ago robots were added to the game but didn't have any animations, now fully animated into the game, more to see in the next few weeks.

Also some new animation added when using small airlocks.

More news to come soon.

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