Sunday, May 4, 2014

Generic event handler

I've been testing a little bit more the event handler in-game and added a few things into it.

Individual properties were added to each event, so properties can define specific behaviors for each event node, so I can define a node as possible answer or a text to be displayed. It is making a lot of difference to have all the event management outside the main game so it is a lot simpler now to link events to outcomes. I am still wondering why there isn't any tool like this to make things "easier" for state management.

For sure this is not the fastest way to process events since you can directly code yourself all what you need, but coding takes time and effort and trying to keep track of every condition is very hard, this tool is helping me so far to overcome my mind limits and visualize more what is happening around, and that saves me much more time in the long run. At this moment I am wiring up all the variables in the event management system to in-game variables. This will also allow me to make things happen without having to code much later, since all the conditions and requirements are included inside the tool.

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