Friday, December 27, 2013

The universe - a quick overview

The galaxy in Junkcraft Armada is quite vast, just to have a quick look how it will look like for the player here is a zoom out/in to the current player location, traveling through different star systems will consume fuel and food so the player will have to be aware of the limited resources to decide the next steps.

There is a mission to accomplish but time is limited, normal engines will take you to local star systems but will take many months if using normal the standard engines but there are wormholes that can speed up the travel and lower the usage of food and fuel used. Crew experience will have an effect on what the player can see on the galaxy map, a more experience pilot can provide more visibility to more wormholes, and in some cases allow for shortcuts.

There will be a network of wormholes that connect different sectors through the galaxy otherwise it will be impossible for the player to reach other systems between a lifetime. In this example just to go from the current moon to the red marker at the start of the image takes about 15762 years with the current propulsion system, so a proper use of wormholes and resources is critical.

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