Friday, November 1, 2013

Communications up!

As mentioned before the crew of the ship will take a center piece of the game, many missions will depend on your crew performance and skill levels. Communications adds another layer of complexity, the player may get called by other ships asking for help, or asking to surrender or many other options, each selected answer may have consequences that the player will have to bear with till the end, some answers may even affect your crew loyalty, and by doing so, some crew members may become angry at your leadership skills, some may even revolt against you and if you are not fully aware and have enough crew to defend your ship you may even lose it get killed or ejected of the ship in a escape pod, too many possibilities!

This is a very simple communication between a group of pirates threatening the player, looking at your status and the number of enemies the player will decide what is better, fighting will not be always the best option.

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