Sunday, October 13, 2013

Junkcraft Armada status

Development is going well, in the last few weeks I've been able to do some major fixing and making the pre alpha version very stable but still many modules need to be updated and balanced as well as the missions, with only 2 missions built I still have about 10+ more to make and add all the randomization between them so the end result will be more than just 12 to 15 types of missions, it will end up with many different variations since there will be environment effects combined that will make the adventure more interesting.

Some screenshots of the last enhancements.

Close combar explosions.

Non balanced ship test, with controls and more weight on one side to test ship response.

Guarded derelict entrance with light effects

Parts color tinting to add color variation to each ship, this is just a test that helped me test the module manager and added several parts from different enemy ships I killed white testing, that's why the ship has so many different colors on hull parts.

Close view of the 179 module test ship of today, just very few parts were tested in this scenario since I haven't been able to add more enemy parts yet, all the modules were captured while playing.

If you are interested on this game, please follow me on , don't forget twitter account. Soon I will publish some gameplay videos.

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