Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes code is so secure that I can't even access my own code...

Being trapped with security issues in the .Net framework got me stuck with no simple solution for quite many days, while trying to test the animation framework on XBOX 360 I got quite many warnings and many show stoppers, one that I couldn't figure out for almost 3 days was the confusing security implemented for classes in .Net, I know for some tools security is a must, but for a game I don't think a high level of security is needed, anyway, the content deserializer was able to properly decode all the animation and play it flawlessly in Windows but it didn't run on XBOX since I couldn't setup the same security level directly in the assembly code, so it was just telling me that the security methods that I was trying to setup didn't exists in XBOX so I couldn't set it at all, after many days of frustration found that by simple adding into each dll the following:

using System.Security;              // <-- this adds security
[assembly: SecurityTransparent]  

will clear up the dll requirements needed to be able to use reflection and call List<List<T>>
This is not rocket science nor something close to anything revolutionary, but I needed this to keep the framework simple and run it fast, finally, I was able to compile with the directives and the framework finally started to work in XBOX which really excited me. Saddly I am stuck now in another issue with the shader code which I hope to solve soon and be able to test the whole solution together. If this fits as expected I will post a video with the very smooth animations achieved with the Mystic Framework, it is not a revolutionary 3d framework since there are many, maybe hundreds or more made by tens or hundreds of people, so there is no way for a single person to compete against that, probably most people think that 3d is the future and that's where everyone is going, but I feel that there is a lot to gain also in the 2d arena using 3d technology, so I hope to make a niche new market with this solution. Rayman Origins by Ubisoft did a great step towards this direction, so I hope to achieve the same level at the Indie level, if not, well at least I tried.

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