Monday, June 11, 2012

DBP2012 Elem3ntz! game submitted to the contest

After so many months, finally Elem3ntz! was completed for the Dream Build Play2012 competition, here are some pictures

A link to the teaser trailer of Elem3ntz! game. ( )

and a brief note about the game:

Elem3ntz! is a puzzle game where you combine elements like fire, water, air and earth to make new ones or use them to attack your opponent or defend yourself, combining the elements will give you other abilities like freezing the opponent gameboard, or create lava attacks by using fire and earth for example, you have a wide variety of combinations and each element have 4 levels. Also you can play with your friends in local multiplayer game mode and a puzzle mode with challenges with 100 puzzles to solve.

8 characters to play with, 7 to unlock by finishing each story, 11 elemental affinities to unlock that boost your magic but also make you weaker to some other elements, and 3 extra clothing colors to unlock through puzzle mode. Can you unlock all its secrets?

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